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There is little of interest here unless you know me, or want to contact me. Click for my phone number.

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Please note, ALL genuine eMail that I send is protected using DKIM and SPF. Any message that claims to be from me and is not protected in this manner is not from me.

This year's eMail address for me can be found by clicking. As you may guess it changes every year and the new address for next year should be obvious.

I prefer that all eMail is encrypted and signed, but do not require it. My pgp/gpg key can be downloaded from any of the public key servers and has the fingerprint:

839D 23C2 F61F D3BB 5F92 B6CF 3F6E 1AE7 2A44 EB84
You may also download my public-key here.

If you need to send me something securely and do not yourself use public key encryption then you can use my special contact form which will encrypt your message to me so that only I can see it, using public-key cryptography. (This is very secure!)

And, for those that want to visit my site using the Dark Web, and I have no idea why you would, then you can visit: http://ftadn3u52hcln445p3cqls3drwueyieg5fh5yrremzcqv2lrpymeg7yd.onion if you are operating a TOR enabled connection. About the only possible reason that I could see for visiting my site via the Dark Web would be to ensure that your TOR connection is good and you can connect to hidden servers.

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