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There are various files and documents that I have found on the web that I feel are important. I have made copies of these files and link to them here. I made copies so that they will be preserved even if youtube or their originators reove them. I claim no copyright on these items which I believe can be shared greely under the fair use doctrine and the orginal licenses from the copyright owners. If you own the copyright to any item I have copies and would like me to take it down, do not hesitate to ask and I will comply immediately.

Miscarriage of Justice? - Ben Gilmore - Ben Gilmore was accused and found guilty of arson. There are a number of troubling factors in gis conviction. Stacy Lynn has done a wonderful job of collecting these troubling factors and has published her findings. Here I have made copies.

Quantum Physics as explained by David Butler. I find this the best beginners guide to the physics of the very small. I suggest watching them in the sequence that I have them at the link. His website is

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